Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Spice Storage

As David and I continue to organize his house we found a creative way to store our million spices. After painting the inside of the pantry we decided to utilize the inside of the pantry door and paint the door using a magnetic paint.

Once the paint dried we attached magnetic spice containers and a pad of paper for making our grocery list. We still needed to put the spices in the containers but you can still get a great idea of what an awesome storage solution this is.


  1. I cam over from you comment on a bowl full of lemons, now that you have had this for a while is the magnetic paint really strong enough to hold spices? Seems interesting...

    1. It really does work. Although I would recommend the larger containers versus the smaller ones. They have a larger magnetic surface area and therefore stay much better. Luckily the larger ones are from Ikea and are relatively inexpensive.