Sunday, July 22, 2012

{create} Bathroom Renovation Finished

Yes, the bathroom renovation is finished! We took about a million trips to home depot but we finally got the sink in and the plumbing connected. Below is our before and after!

Before: The vanity was turning yellow from age.

After: The new pedestal sink opens up the bathroom and the new shower curtain helps to lighten things up. The walls have also gone from a dingy off white to a light grey.  

After: A close up of the new Kohler sink and fixtures. The radiator was also scrubbed and painted a bright white. 

Before: The shelf to the right did not serve much of a purpose and made the bathroom feel more claustrophobic. The medicine cabinet was made of MDF and the white veneer was peeling off. The light fixture was too large and rusting.

After: We removed the shelf to the right. We replaced the old peeling medicine cabinet with a new silver framed mirror. We also replaced the rusting light fixture with a new brushed nickle fixture. 

 Before: The plaster ceiling was literally falling down.

After: David peeled down the entire ceiling and re-plastered. 

And once again, the finished bathroom!!! I couldn't be happier or more thankful for all of David's handyman skills!!

A Bowl Full of Lemons


  1. Finally- someone posted a real bathroom, like the ones many of us struggle with in our homes! Your reno is great!

    1. Thanks so much! We love our little home and also have trouble finding good examples of 'real' renovations. I hope you stop by our site again as we continue with reonvations.


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