Thursday, August 23, 2012

{create} Dining Room and Kitchen Storage

David and I have been talking about renovating the kitchen for months now. We have gone back and forth between a full renovation, including tearing out walls, to more of a DIY project. I think we have decided on the DIY approach since this is not our forever home and it turns out we enjoy our little home renovation projects. But before starting the kitchen we needed to get organized. So, we decided to head to Ikea and grab some cabinets for additional storage in the dining room. Below is the transformation. (Update: we decided on a full gut job! Check it out here, here, here & here!)

Please don't judge our tiny kitchen filled to the brim! It will get better :)

As you can see we utilized all space above the refrigerator and cabinets. We also had no counter top space with the microwave and coffee maker on our tiny bit of counter top. So we decided to move all the items above the refrigerator and cabinets to our new cabinets in the dining room and added a microwave cart in the kitchen.

Yay, for counter top space!

So where did everything go? Here is our dining room before.

And after with the new cabinets! We were worried it would look crowded but with the radiator back there it actually just filled out the space.

Another view where you can see the shelves we put up to help store our wine glasses. Still trying to figure out how to decorate the room but I think we are getting there.

These cabinets really made a huge difference! Other small things we did? Organized the pantry & created spice storage! Up next, Madeline's wedding cakes and then renovating the kitchen!


  1. Love that kitty clock on the wall. After the wedding our project is trying to make our tiny cluttered kitchen more functional, I'll use you for inspiration Holly!

  2. I love the cabinets, what a lovely dining room

    1. Thanks so much! We got so lucky with those cabinets fitting perfectly. Now the question is whether to open up the wall when we do our kitchen remodel!

  3. The new cabinets look so great! And of course, I personally adore the amount of storage you gained! :)


    1. Thanks so much! I love your blog and plan to use more of your inspirational organization ideas around the house!


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