Friday, November 16, 2012

{create} DIY Roman Shades

While the kitchen renovation is underway so is the dining room. The two big things the dining room needs are blinds and a new light. So this weekend I decided to tackle the blinds. I wanted roman shades to add more privacy and a clean look but the ones I wanted from pottery barn were a couple hundred dollars per window which seemed a little much for our needs. Luckily I came across Johns Journal Blog which laid out exactly how to create my own no sew roman shades.

First I purchased bamboo shades from the Home Depot, substantial fabric, spray glue, and fabric glue.

Measure your shade to calculate length of fabric and cut fabric to fit shade.

Ellie and Grace liked this part.

Once you have your fabric cut to the right dimensions spray your shade and back of fabric with your spray glue. Then apply to fabric to shade.

I then flipped over my shade and spray glued the edges to the back. I also used some of my fabric glue where I wanted to make sure the edges were really tight.

Once everything is glued together I took it inside and applied painters tape to ensure my lines were straight. I then used the fabric glue to glue my ribbon to the shade.

And that is it! So easy! I am extremely happy with how the shades came out. The really add a lot to the dining room in a simple understated way.

As you can see we have some touch up work around the windows but I think these will look great when it is all finished!

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