Thursday, November 29, 2012

{create} Un-bury your jewels

This is a project that I have been needing to conquer for a looong time. My beautiful jewelry box that my Dad made for me looked like this...

Yeah, I couldn't find anything, so I ended up wearing the same jewelry everyday. No fun. So, I saw on Pinterest somewhere that you could turn a screen into a jewelry holder. Most of them were small or they purchased the screen and put it in a frame, but I wanted to work with what I had.

Not a pretty start
 So... I had a weird screen, that opens and closes. Our apartment has weird shaped windows so this was designed to cover whatever sized window. I decided to go big, so I opened it all the way.

It was wood on the sides, but metal on the tops, so I got some trim and fit it to size.
Since it was moveable, the whole thing wasn't the same size. Really, if you decide to do this, just go buy a regular screen, but I was determined. As you can see below, the trim is not flush all the way around, but some wood glue and Harry Potter books sitting on top, and it was secure.
 So out it went to be spray painted.

 After! Since the middle still had the metal, I liked how it was more metallic there.
Can anyone spray paint without getting their hand?
Then, to make it look like it isnt a screen, I added nail head trim to the short sides. Remember how the long sides aren't flush? Yeah, no trim for them. Luckily, it looks ok with just the sides. 

 I measured at first but the ends have metal in them and couldnt be nailed into. So that messed up the measurements... but thats my way- imperfections are beautiful.. right?

So I hung it up next to my big mirror- I used a nail in the middle and some sticky pads on the side.

 Then comes the fun part- loading the jewelry!

The earrings you can just slip through the screen, but necklaces will need some help staying up. The tutorials I saw said to use s-hooks to hang necklaces, which I'm sure would work awesome- if I had any. I tried Hobby Lobby & Michael's- nope. So, without taking a trip to Home Depot, I wanted to finish the project. So, I used the leftover nail heads. Im not really sure how it is holding up the necklaces but it is! And has for a whole week! The heavier ones I used two for, but the rest I just used one.

Overall, this was a use what you have project but I really like how it turned out. Other than this, we have nothing on our bedroom walls, so I'm hoping that this will inspire us!

What project have you created using things around the house? How do you keep your jewels unburied?
This was such an easy project that I am thinking of doing some smaller scale holders for Christmas presents!

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  1. This is really cute and easy! I love the up cycling you did for the screen! Thanks for sharing this!

    Linking back from dare to DIY

    1. Its always fun to try to use what you have!


  2. Love the idea of using an old screen for something useful. I have a wire-framed mirror that I hang all my jewelry on. If it's not out and accessible, I don't wear it.

    Thanks for linking up to Dare to DIY!

    1. Oh that sounds pretty! I have to see mine too- otherwise my sleepy self does not remember it!


  3. I love that you used what you have! This turned out really nicely.
    I definitely need to do something similar for my jewelry - they are essentially pieces of art, so why hide them, right?

    1. I was surprised how much I liked how it looked on the wall- art as art!


  4. I wouldn't have thought to do that. Very clever! I'm visiting from Maybe Matilda.

    Christy, Creating a Beautiful Life

  5. Love your jewelry hanger! It's one my list of things to do. Thanks for sharing step-by-step process. We have one that is part of next week's Fashion Week 2012 Giveaway! Some of my designer's are featured here: BUT there are 10 other blogs in this giveaway blast starting Dec.10!

  6. Great idea! My mom is asking for something to hang her jewelry for Christmas. I'll have to keep this in mind!


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