Monday, December 31, 2012

{celebrate} Christmas 2012 Recap

With the new year looming we decided to show you all a quick recap of our Christmas and a few of the blog posts that will be coming up.

This Christmas, we were lucky enough to have a white Christmas. (On Christmas Eve we were so excited for the "flurries." By the time we got home from the movies, Dad had to leave his car & we needed four wheel drive!) Here are some of the pictures of the beautiful snow before and after the dogs played in it.

Last Christmas I bought Dan and David their own stockings to match the ones my Grandmother handknitted for us. Here are all of our stockings ready for Santa and after Santa arrived. Mom also got one very large stocking delivered to the middle of the living room!

On Christmas eve, David and I baked crab stuffed mushroom as an appetizer. They were delicious and the recipe is coming shortly.

Madeline made us all a delicious Christmas morning breakfast. She made adorable cinnamon rolls in the shape of a tree and a fancy goat cheese omlet roll up, this recipe is coming as well.

I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas full of delicious food and snow! Do you have any Christmas Eve or Christmas morning recipes that we should try next year?

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