Monday, December 3, 2012

{celebrate} Its beginning to look a lot like Christmas..

Monday! We meet again... But there are three weeks until Christmas- we can make it! How is your shopping going? I'm almost done & Holly is too! Now, I just need to wrap- I have a few fun ideas in mind!

This weekend Holly came in to town to celebrate Mom's birthday, her birthday, & the decorating of the Christmas tree!

Here is one of Holly's presents:

We looked through it, & it is so fun! Easy ideas, hard ideas, quick ideas- you name it, it is there. After the new year we plan on randomly flipping to a page & both completing a project. It will be fun to have some random inspiration & to see how similar or different our projects turn out! Look out for those features to come : )

When we all get together, it means that there are four dogs running around- craziness! They did a lot of playing and then wore themselves out luckily! We did, however, have to strategically place ornaments out of "tail" level! Here are Grace, Ellie, and Bentley all sharing one bed! A little blurry but that is to be expected when trying to take a picture of 3 dogs with an iPhone! Lilly was hiding away from all the craziness when this was taken :)

Here is our completed tree:

We always do large colored lights on our tree- what about you? White? Colored? Small? Big? I like how the big bulbs look : ) Next time I am over at Mom's, I will take some pictures of some of our special ornaments. Since it was David's first time decorating, he got to hear all of the fun stories. Do you have any special ornaments?

Coming up this week on CBC: Christmas mantles, ornaments, more trees & recipes. Oh and Holly is going to Mexico- so jealous!

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