Thursday, February 7, 2013

{create} Modern Monogram

After I was sufficiently tired of our fall mantle & winter mantle, it was time for a normal everyday mantle. You know, one that isn't themed. I really wanted a big mirror, but all of the ones I found (and liked) were crazy expensive. So, I decided to want  a big art piece- then I found out how expensive all of the ones I liked were. So I went to the Goodwill and bought this one. Isn't it beautiful?

JK JK- this picture is not quite my style, but I did like the frame and it was $2.99 at the Goodwill. So I took it in my own hands & created a modern, sleek, focal point. Here was my inspiration:

Using masking tape, someone had spelled LOVE and then let their toddler finger paint over it. Not having a toddler and wanting a more sophisticated look, I did my own spin on the idea!

So we opened up the frame...

& took at look at the picture. At first I wanted to use the original picture, but then decided to just use the backing. So I taped off the edges with Frog Tape to get a nice clean edge & a matted look.

Then I chose some bright colored spray paint to make the "background."

Then I went to town!

I just sprayed until I thought there was enough contrast but also enough brightness. It was also 19 degrees outside, so when my hand stopped moving, I was done.

Next comes the scary part- placing the monogram. I ordered this vinyl monogram from Craft Cuts for about $12. You can choose lots of different fonts and, of course, any letters. We measured the center of the board, lined it up, and the peeled it off using the directions that came with vinyl.

As you can see, the vinyl wasn't perfect. But thats ok... I wasn't too stressed since I was going to peel it off!

 Next step- spray over everything! It looks black below, but it is really navy.

Then peel the vinyl off. Here is where we ran into a little snag. Since the backing was essentially just foam board, the vinyl tore off the paint in some places...

I have no picture of the last step, because I was panicking (haha), but mainly I sprayed some paint onto a zip lock bag & fingerpainted. I then had to add some finger painting to the not messed up part to make sure that they had the same texture. And the finished project! Love it! I even think the finger painting gives it more depth. Love when a mess up turns into a win!

You can definitely see how much more texture there is on this one & I love that!

So to recap:
1. Find old big painting at Goodwill
2. Tape off edges
3. Spray paint the "bold" colors that you want to come through.
4. Stick on the vinyl monogram.
5. Spray paint over everything.
6. Peel off vinyl
7. Reframe!

This project took about a day and a half because we had to wait for a lot of things to dry. And even though there were some tedious moments, I really like how it turned out!

Have you been DIYing any art? Any good thrifting finds? Fun spray paint projects? I'd love the hear them!

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