Tuesday, May 21, 2013

{create} little updates

Since moving in, we have only made a few small updates so far. Besides our first gardening adventure, here are our successes & a failure.

1. Frosted Glass

When we moved in, the view out our bathroom window looked like this:

Why hello neighbors! Our house is generally situated so you don't see the neighbors much, but in the bathroom... you do. The previous own had some bamboo blinds in here but a. they werent attached to the wall (yes visualize me going to open them and them falling on my head...) and b. I like natural light in a bathroom. So, we frosted it!

This was the film we used & it doesnt use adhesive or anything else. After cutting to size, it was pretty easy to get up there. And I feel much safer about getting out of the shower....

2. Success # 2- New couch!

Remember when the living room looked like this?

I mentioned a few times that we wanted this couch from IKEA. And after thinking about renting a truck, or having his dad help up get it, we decided it was just easier to have it delivered. So then we had this:

Ooh boxes! After lots of looking at directions and trying to figure out which slip cover went to which pillow it was together! And even better than expected!

It just fits the room SO much better! And with the rug and the accent wall and then shelves (sheesh we have a lot we want to do), I think we will love it. But for now- this is one comfy couch!

3. Fail. Big fat fail.

If you look at the picture above, you can see our failure in the form of a little white thermostat. Why, you ask, did we need a new thermostat? Well we thought it would be nice to program & be able to have an app, & help save the planet! That was until we tried to install this darn thermostat.

Ah, it looks so innocent. And at first I thought I got it to work- we labeled our wires, we made a wire for power, we hooked everything up. And then the heat was on no matter if I turned everything off or not. Great. DAD HELP ME.

So Dad came over, and for 3 hours we walked up and down the stairs to the basement. At one point we had the heat working, but we could never get the AC compressor to turn on. According to some Googling, Trane heat pumps / AC systems are really hard to hook with any thermostat besides a Trane thermostat. Really? Really!?!?

So for now, we have no heat or AC- the weather has been cooperating but it is getting hot soon. So tell me Blogland- do I buy a new Trane thermostat and give in, or do I keep trying?!?

At least we had two successes and one failure? Three successes if you count the pond... but thermostats are really important! Any DIY fails lately? Please tell about them and me feel better...

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  1. I feel your pain ! Looks like you bought a good thermostat too - is it worth paying a HVAC guy to come - or a handyman ? If you can still return the thermostat you bought, would it be less expensive to return that one, and buy a TRANE thermostat ? I would go for the less expensive option - but calling a heating/cooling guy might not be a bad idea.....I've had so many FAILS in my home, I can't even count them ! Don't feel bad - it's all a 'learning experience' !

    1. I feel like Ive Googled the problem like 400 times- ha! We cant return the thermostat because we drilled a hole in it to secure it to the wall (oops), so now Im looking into handymen- I fear if I buy a new thermostat I will just have the same problem! Ah, homeownership...


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