Friday, July 12, 2013

{create} Storage Nook

Don't you just love the word nook? It sounds so cozy and creepy at the same time. Anywho, after we had a plan for the laundry room & moved the washer & dryer where we wanted them, it was time to utilize all that new space! Since the washer & dryer were moved up against the window, we had about 10 inches of usable space between them & the wall. This wall happens to also hold the garage door & seemed to be a perfect place to store things- keys, purse, etc.

Ignore the awfully dirty door- I conquered that with a Magic Eraser. Oh & ignore the awful almond switchplate- we'll make it white before were done!

At first I was thinking Ikea Lack floating shelves (like the ones in the living room but MUCH smaller). But when I got to Ikea, they were either reallllly long or short & stubby. I thought the stubby ones would be impractical- here is a shelf to put your stuff on- but be careful- it might fall off into the world beside the washer! So when I was there, I saw the Ekby line- longer, cheaper, & more customizable! #win I went for red braces with black shelves- all red would be too much for me. #wimp

So we decided where we wanted them & then spaced them accordingly.

There are no holes in the shelves because all the different bracket & choices, so we just decided to line the edge up with the (ugly almond) light switch.

Then we pushed the washer & dryer back in & made them cute with little baskets from the $1 bin at Target!

The little pop of red is perfect! And the teal works great with the color scheme.

Sorry that my purse is orange and clashes with the red...

And there is even space for a little trash can- no more carrying lint around the house- woo hoo. I always drive Dan crazy because I dont know where my purse is or I leave it a million places. Now, I just put it down when I walk in & put my keys in my bin. Dan keeps his keys & wallet in his. Perfection.

Where do you store your keys? What little spaces have you made into functional ones? Are you afraid of red shelves?

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  1. what a great use of that space! nice job!

    1. Thanks! It is my favorite 10 inches of the house! I always know where my keys and purse are now!

  2. What a great way to sneak in a perfect storage spot. Looks darling!!