Monday, December 16, 2013

{projects} Random Weekend Updates

Hello, friends. I hope your weekend was magical! Thanks to a day off on Friday, mine was extra long- and now only 4.5 days until Winter Break (aka 12 days off!) & Holly comes home. Exciting times! Since I am hosting Holly's shower here next weekend, we were on a mission to get some things on the wall, spruce up the guest bedrooms & do a bit more decorating. Here's what we were up to! (You can see what Holly was doing here & here.)
1. Welcome Wall Re-do!
After we finished the board & batten, we never put the pictures back on the wall. #fail Here is what it looked like with the old wall hangings:
I liked this, but the hello was impossible to keep straight and it seemed like we needed something a bit bigger to visually make a statement. So I laid out all of my items on the ground. Most of them are the same:
The two new items are a print from this etsy shop of Philadelphia and a cute framed Instagram picture of Bentley. And then up they went!

We centered the large print on the wall, but I like that I can add more as I go along if I want! And things on the wall are always good.
2. Shower curtain switch
When we bought this house, there was a shower curtain in the hall bathroom:
Recently, it began to drive me nuts how short this thing is! A lot of things in the room drive me a little nuts, like the toilet paper holder. You can tell that they removed one from the side of the cabinet- why?? Did they want to take it with them? Was it that ugly? I need to get another one. Also the peel and stick tile- not the greatest. Luckily this bathroom is small and could be retiled rather inexpensively- but with lots of work. Downstairs, our bathroom is 100 square feet. I feel like some people in New York City have smaller apartments. Off track, ok. I changed the shower curtain:
We had this one in our apartment. Now the shower curtain basically matches the walls. But I like it better than the other one- its much thicker.
3. Rug Swap
In our master bedroom we had a little rug. So small that it fit in the space between the bed and the dresser. On Cyber Monday, we got an awesome deal on a new rug for the bedroom (and one for the office!) that I am hoping is going to look amazing. However, in our guest room there was no rug. This is mainly a problem because the bed frame has wheels... and it rolled around a lot.
So we brought the bedroom rug in here. Fun fact- Holly has this rug too. And we had no idea the other one had it when we bought them. #weirdsisterthing 
Now I just want to paint this room. Every time I walk from my light bright pretty neutral gray hallway into this beige and blue place, I shudder. And then I want to plank the walls. And make two new night stands. And put matching shades on the lamps. And make a head board. And hang some art. Eek this room needs a lot of help. However, the rug make it feels more grounded. And on the wall you cannot see is my awesome ombre dresser- slow and steady.
What were you up to this weekend? Any art hanging or rug swapping in your house?

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  1. Your welcome wall is adorable! I love looks like that!

  2. Thanks so much! It always helps to have something on the walls!


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