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We have a habit of making over closets around here. Even though we have a fairly big house for two people, I want to make each space as useful as possible. It started with our master closet and then the hall closet became a pantry and a coat closet & now we are planning on making our office closet a desk area! I know in the blog world this has been done a lot- but thats because it is a good idea!
Our office used to be a bedroom (it still could be I suppose), but the previous owner created French doors to the front hallway & turned the normal door into a glass door. Pair that with a big set of windows & a big closet and there is barely any wall space:

Since the desk was taking up all the wall space, there was no room for anything else- like a reading nook, chairs, or anything.

And since the doors open up all the way, the walls behind them are also useless. Besides the wall with the desk, above is the only other wall. So enter our closet:

It had some shelving, but other than that wasn’t really what we wanted. So, Mr. Merschen, take down those shelves! And then we were left with a million holes from anchors and walls that looked like someone scribbled on them! 

So after patching and sanding and patching and sanding and then painting we had a clean slate. We used Passive by Sherwin Williams because we had some left over from painting the entire upstairs & it seemed to be a little lighter than the paint on the wall.

Much better! Please ignore the painters tape on the bottom…
So what are the plans? Shelving on the top and a desk on the bottom! How? I have looked at lots of different shelving types (Elfa, making my own, etc), but nothing can compare in price to Ikea’s Algot shelves. And they are 25% off until the end of the month.
The shelves are branded more for closets and laundry rooms, but you can create whatever you want! So… I will be back soon with my tips for designing and installing an Algot system. And hopefully with shelves on the wall!
What projects are you tackling? Yay or nay on the closet desk trend?
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